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Skilled Nursing

The Registered Nurse provides skilled care and instructions to patients and their families. They enable patients and families to function independently at home, increasing the com­fort of the patient and improving overall health. Skilled nursing services can include but are not limited to:

• Treatments and injections
• Dressing change
• Catheter care
• Supervision of medications
• Restorative care
• Respiratory care
• Family / Patient health teaching
• Diabetic teaching
• Drawing blood & lab work
• I.V.
• Wound care
• Pre-op and Post-op care
• Ostomy care

Physical, Occupational
& Speech Therapists

Assist patient in improving his or her abilities to perform daily activities. Our specialists help family members to properly care for the patient by communicating available resources.

Social Services

• Deals with social and emotional factors related to illness.
• Counseling.

Home Health Aide

Assist the patient with personal care, meal preparation, ambulation and exercises under professional supervision.